Betta Boxes CMS

Betta Boxes plugin turns your WordPress Blog into a powerful CMS, without the need to get down and dirty in the code yourself. Betta Boxes gives you a clean, simple user interface to create custom fields, and link them to Posts, Pages, and any Custom Post Types you have!

Check it out at the WordPress Plugin Directory.  This is where you will find the latest stable version.

Betta Boxes uses the default WordPress functionality of ‘post meta’. This means the plugin works with WordPress, rather than fighting against it. It allows you to group your custom fields in meta boxes, simplifying the add / edit screens of complicated post types.

Betta Boxes has the following custom field types built in:

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop Down
  • Color
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker

Have a look in the /docs/ folder of the plugin for more info, and examples of how to use the custom types in your templates.

If you have used it and like it, please rate it on its page at You could also consider donating. That would really make my day :)

If you have any questions or comments, create a post on the official forum.

14 thoughts on “Betta Boxes CMS

  1. Craig

    I want to put a box much like this one on my website, does betta Boxes do that? I need to capture the name, address, email and so on. I am getting an error that says ERROR: Please enter a valid meta key

    I am new at this and dont have a clue how to do this or what it even means
    Thank you,

  2. admin Post author

    Hey Craig
    I’m not sure what you mean. The Betta Boxes plugin allows you to add extra fields to your posts or pages. If you are talking about the comments section, this plugin won’t help you there.

  3. Dane Morgan

    hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the plugin. So far all of our interaction has been me saying “hey, __________ doesn’t seem to be working.” I wanted to put down something positive and make sure you understand that I appreciate the efforts and the great job on a plugin that has literally saved me hours.

  4. admin Post author

    Thanks Dane. Your feedback has been great. I’m glad the plugin is useful! Consider rating it on the WP repository, or even dropping me a couple bucks for a beer on the donate page if you want 😀

  5. Dane Morgan

    I actually will be donating, but it won’t be until March. I got switched from weekly invoicing to monthly invoicing with a net 30 term on the first of the year by my biggest client, so I’m scraping and praying for the next month and a half while I wait for the first invoice to be paid.

  6. admin Post author

    I completely understand. I put the plugin out there for free, so I don’t expect anything in return. Just like to remind people that they can donate if they want to and are able to at the time :)

  7. Lana

    I just installed Betta Boxes and don’t really understand how it works. From what I gather in the description I am able to create something like a drop down box where I can link the options in the drop down to specific pages… Am I misunderstanding this plugin completely? Can you please clarify? Thanks and pardon me if this seems novice of me.

  8. admin Post author

    Hi Lana
    The plugin does allows you to create custom fields on your post or pages. This means you can create a drop down of options to select on your pages.

    After activating the plugin in WP, go to ‘settings->betta boxes’. Create a new ‘Meta box’, and add a ‘drop down’ custom field. Add your options in the place provided, and save.
    You now should see the drop down on your posts or pages (which ever you selected when adding the meta box).

    If you need more help, create a thread in the WP support forums, and tag it ‘betta-boxes-cms’. I check the forums often.

  9. safat

    Thanks for the plugin. It works great for me. But there is no option for image or file uploading custom field.
    Could you tell me how should I do that?

  10. admin Post author

    Thanks for the comment. When I wrote the plugin, I realised that I would need to tweak the post forms enctype to handle file uploads, and I wasn’t sure of any repercussions that might have. It’s on my to-do list though :)
    Just a note, you can post questions on the WP forums with the tag ‘betta-boxes-cms’ for any questions you have in the future.

  11. spankin

    hi mate, the entire idea sounds awesome but I have problem with using the plugin, I have created 6 boxes, when writing new post I fill in all the boxes, but they don’t appear on the page itself… what am I doing wrong?

  12. Lack


    This plugin is just great and has really saved me lots of time in creating meta boxes on my own. Just one question, is there a way to prevent users of my website from publishing their posts unless they have ticked or filled up a few required meta boxes?

    Cheers :)

  13. admin Post author

    I’m glad the plugin is useful to you. Unfortunately there currently isn’t any sort of validation that you can add to the custom fields. I will add it to my to-do list, as that’s a nice idea.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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